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X Uses for Old Tyres

As Australians become increasingly eco-conscious, the idea for finding new uses for tyres is also becoming popular. This includes classic examples like tyre swings, obstacle courses and using tyres for other purposes around the home and garden. However, it also includes more innovative repurposing of tyres and their raw materials in commercial and industrials sectors.

Protective Barriers

The racing industry has become increasingly focused on improving safety on tracks in the event of a crash. Custom safety barriers are a common feature, but using tyres is a great economical and environmentally friendly option. Tyre barriers consist of a stack of tyres simply bolted together into packs then installed at areas of a track that may need cushioning. They can be filled with foam and/or wrapped in vinyl or other covers for aesthetic purposes.

In some cases, tyre barriers are more effective than Steel and Foam Energy Reduction (SAFER) barriers often used on racing tracks, particularly when it comes to head-on and large-angle impacts. However, there needs to be enough of a gap between the track and the barrier to prevent any vehicles bouncing back onto the track after impact.

Tyre Derived Fuel

Fires fueled by tyres are notoriously out of control. Rather than being a safety risk, Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) puts this flammable waste to use. TDF is made out of scrap tyres that have been shredded and can then be used as a supplement for traditional fires. Due to the hazard of burning tyres, TDF pieces are generally used in combustion devices where they can burn efficiently at high temperatures in a controlled environment.

Crumb Rubber

Scrap tyres can be ground up into crumb rubber, which comes in a variety of grades depending on how it is processed. This rubber can then be used for a variety of purposes including rubber mats, plastics, asphalt, sealing materials, speed bumps, playground ground cover material and surface material for athletic tracks and fields. It’s also great for mulching as it keeps insects and weed down and is heavy enough not to blow away in the wind.

Rubber mulch is becoming the material of choice for playgrounds as it is more shock absorbent than wood chips, doesn’t cause splinters and is more comfortable in general. Recycling the material for these purposes also makes it an eco-friendlier option.

Tyre Derived Aggregate

Tyre-derived aggregate (TDA) are made using shredded scrap tyres and are widely used in a variety of public works and civil engineering projects. Some examples include:

  • Retaining wall backfill
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Road repair
  • Landfill applications
  • Lightweight embankment fill
  • Septic system draining fields
  • Subgrade road insulation

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